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What are the things to look for while choosing a travel insurance plan?

Given below are some factors you may consider while selecting an appropriate travel insurance plan.

1. Purpose of visit : Choose a plan according to your needs whether you are going for study, business, family visit, single trip or are a frequent flier, going for pilot training, professional sports etc.

2. Sublimits if any .It is very important to see whether the plan has sublimits, because if plan has sublimits, then at the time of claim you will get claim for sublimits given in plan, for example if plan says room rent sublimit of $500 per day,it means for room rent, you will get $500 only, and if you have taken room with higher room rent then balance has to be borne by you.

3. If your stay is likely to be extended, choose a plan which is extendable and also see premium for total duration as some companies charge extension premium for your total stay i.e original period and extended period minus premium already paid.Plans for shorter duration are cheaper and as duration increases it becomes expensive.It is advisable to get from us extension premium if your stay is likely to be extended.

4. If your stay is likely to be cut short i.e you are not sure about travel duration , choose a plan where there is an option of refund on early return.As sometimes you know your parents has plans to stay for six months and somehow they have to come back early due to any reason whatsoever it may be,in that case if you have chosen plan with early refund option then you can save money.

5. If you have a pre existing condition, select a plan which covers the same in emergency situations to make the person stable.

6.Per illness limit if any.If a plan has such a condition, it means for any one illness you will get claim upto per illness limit given in plan.For example if plan chosen by you says per illness limit is $10000,then you will get only $10000 for any one illness, even if you have chosen plan for higher sum insured, so it is very important to see that plan has per illness clause or not ,as virtually you are taking higher sum insured but practically you will get claim for any one illness upto the limit mentioned in the policy.

7.Co pay if any. If your plan has co pay clause ,it means for every claim you have to pay co pay limit given in the plan.For example, your plan says co payment of 10% ,it means for every claim ,you have to pay 10% and balance 90% will be paid by insurer.

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