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Health insurance is a mandatory part of life in western culture and if they lose their health insurance they feel dead. The trend is not seen that much in Indian culture; however, the concept of having comprehensive health insurance for individuals and families is gaining popularity these days. The treatment may not be extremely expensive as is the case in the western countries; however, it is not that cheap either. Especially when it comes to complex and chronic diseases like hepatitis, cancer, heart ailments then the expenses, if to be afforded all by yourself, the budget can be ruined and savings of a lifetime can be exhausted sooner than you know.

If we go not too long ago in our history, an Insurance agent used to approach people or people used to call the insurance agent, for their insurance needs. However, this trend is changing rapidly as now for getting a health insurance or any other insurance policy; you can visit an online portal and select the policy all by yourself. There may be some difficulties in understanding the technical terms, but again Internet is there to save the day. India was a bit late to catch up on this trend, but now with many insurance portals, you can get the required quotes online for any of your insurance needs.

Now, all the major Insurance companies have their presence over the medium of Internet and there are portals like, helping you to check the quotes online. Health insurance plans are a bit trickier than conventional insurances like life, auto insurance etc, as there are many aspects to take care of. For instance, health insurance policies may have some restriction in the coverage of certain diseases. Similarly, an insurance company can place a threshold of claimable amount per disease, meaning, a person may have a policy with coverage of 10 Lakh, but the covered person will not be able to claim more than 50% per disease. OPD coverage is mostly not a part of the mainstream policies, so if it is required then it needs to be checked.

Dental insurance is also mostly not covered in the standard health insurance, not only in India, but worldwide. So if dental insurance is required, specific plan needs to be looked for. So, in short, there are so many variables and considerations, but the interactive utilities present on the Indian insurance website portals, allow the visitors to mention all these and many other factors for punching in the queries and achieving the desired quotes.

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