Standard Fire & Special Perils policy

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Financial Interest - Hypothication ( Name of Bank)*
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Age of buildings*
Risk Categary*
Fire protection system installed?(Extinguishers, Hydrants, Sprinkler, Hose Reel, etc.)*
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Sum Insured Details - Market Value Basis*
Perils & Add on Covers*
Is Reinstatement Value Clause required ?*
Is Local Authority Clause Required*
s Designation of Property Clause Required*
Is Agreed Bank Clause Required*
Is Voluntary Deductible Required(Amount)*
Is Escalation required and percentage amount(Percentage)*
Existing Insurance company*
Claims Details for Past 3 years*
Would you like to delete these(Strom,Cyclone,group of perils(STFI)) perils from the basic cover?*
Would you like to cover the Plinth & Foundation along with your buildings?*
Whether Insurance cover was declined by any othe company or imposed any special conditions(Give Detail)*
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