Industrial Insurance in India : Get Best and Competitive Quote

At Insurance Pandit we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable in most facets of Insurance.
We have developed specialist insurance services for a wide range of industry sectors:-

Fire Insurance
A fire insurance policy covers the financial loss which insured may suffer due to
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Credit Insurance
Credit Insurance Policy is designed mainly for companies that are selling their goods and/or services
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Group PA Insurance
The insurance provides compensation in the event of death or disability directly due to accident.
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Package Insurance
Covers shop building and/or contents therein against loss or damage caused by Fire & Allied perils i.e.
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Engineering Insurance
This is a comprehensive policy covering all physical risks which a project is exposed to right from the warehouse
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Money Insurance
Cash insurance is a cover which indemnifies the insured against loss of money. Money includes current coins,
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Burglary Insurance
This policy is designed to cover business premises only like godown, factory, office etc.
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ALOP Insurance
The policy pays for the actual loss of gross profit incurred during the period of delay,
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