Aviva Life Insurance Company

Aviva Life Insurance Policy Plans

Aviva Insurance Company dates back in India in 1834. Aviva is a private insurance company formed through the joint venture of Aviva and Dabur Group of India. Dabur is one of the oldest and the largest group of companies in the country while Aviva is UK’s largest insurance company and at 5th position internationally. With their assurance of experience, the sales force and the insurance agents as well as brokers at the Aviva Life Insurance is whopping 28K financial planning advisor partners of Aviva Group including:

  • Royal bank of Scotland
  • ABN-AMRO Bank
  • The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd
  • Sind Bank
  • Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra
  • West Bengal
  • IndusInd Bank
  • American Express Bank
  • Centurion Bank of Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Co-operative Banks in Gujarat
  • Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar
  • DBS (Asia’s largest financial service group)

The company is responsible for formulating the concept of the ‘Bancassurance’ in the country and they had leveraged its international expertise in the area victoriously. Aviva boasts their 159 branches and 40 bancassurance partners, supporting vast distribution networks across 3000 cities and towns. Aviva offer different products which are meant to give customers with transparency, flexibility, and value for their money. Provided here is the complete lists of services and products offered by the Aviva Life Insurance Company India Ltd.:

Aviva Life Insurance Product For individual plans:

Child Plan – this is the insurance plan aimed for children. It is the kind of investment to secure the future of your child and essential milestone of young one’s education such as professional course, entrance exams and board exams. This plan is as follows: 1. Young Scholar Secure and 2. Young Scholar Advantage

Savings Plan - there are a few savings plans that Aviva Life Insurance provide to their customer. Flexibility in different goals, the traditional plan which guarantee the money you have planned for, aid in obtaining investments, for family savings and a lot more. This type is as 1. Freedom Life Advantage, 2. Money Back, 3. Dhan Varsha, 4. Dhan Vriddhi, 5. LifeBond Advantage, 6. LifeSaver Advantage, 7. Sachin Extra Cover Advantage

Retirement Plan –Aviva come out with the two retirement plans that serves the dual benefit of the pension and the protection by simply adding certain sum assured for first time years. Here are: 1. Pension Builder and 2. Secure Pension

Protection Plan – it is typically plans which revolve around the family security at nominal and very low cost. For instance, there is death; the lump sum is being given to nominee within the policy terms limit. There’s a way to demand your premium backs too. 1. iLife, 2. LifeShield, 3. LifeShield Plus, 4. LifeShield Platinum, 5. LifeShield Advantage

Health Plus Plan – this kind of insurance has dual function of being health cum saving plans, which gives premium back as well. Cover in accident, critical illness, surgery, disabilities, life insurance, and hospitalizations are offered.

Rural Plans – this kind of plan insure the future of the rural India like securing the future of your family, finances, child education, and long term comprehensive plans with the secure cum savings. Few of them are given as 1. Amar Suraksha, 2. Grameen Suraksha, 3. Jana Suraksha, 4. Anmol Suraksha

For group plans:

Corporate Life Plus - Employees and members of organization of any kind are provided with life cover which protects the whole family. Additional expenses such as accidental death or a permanent disability are included also in this scheme.

Corporate Shield Plus - EDLI (or the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance) - this plan is fixed plan that’s inserted in place of EDLI. Its target is the corporate industry. This can include compensation to family for financial loss suffered because of death of an employee. There’s single plan with this, namely:

Traditional Group Gratuity Plan – the Aviva Life Insurance has so called gratuity plan which composed of returns with the capital guarantee. All of the employees are provided with the benefits of lump sum amount and tax deductions as well.

Aviva Sampoorna Suraksha Bima Yojna - if there’s a long term plans, then there’s nothing like savings plan which you can adopt and also save for your money. For this objective, the Aviva offers saving plans the cover life and wealth.