Star Health and Allied Insurance Company

Star Health and Allied Insurance Policy Plans

India is one of the countries that are consists of immense number of life insurers. Because of this, huge competition is taking place in the world of insurance business. One of the prominent companies that are very competitive and innovative is Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited. The company was established in the year 2006. This company is a neutral health insurer that is located in India.

The company is the result of the partnership of five companies namely Sequoia Capital, ICICI Venture, Star Health Investments, Oman Insurance Company and ETA Ascon. Oman Insurance Company is a foreign company in the Middle East that is providing insurance solution.

About the Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited

The main reason why the company was created is to protect and promote the wellbeing of the residents of India. The company was established to safeguard the health of every residents of India. They are providing services with integrity and honesty. The company believes that these aspects are the main factors that can aid to their success.

The company is offering sturdy focus to their clients. Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited ensures that all policy claims will allow their customers benefit from it. They are offering the most excellent healthcare selection to its clients. The company is committed in giving their clients the superb flexibility in choosing the plan that suits them. Although they are offering low cost financial protection but still they enable to provide long term healthcare needs.

Services Portfolio

  • Health Insurance Plans - provides complete coverage and pay attention to the medical expenses if ever the policy holder is hospitalized due to illness. Few of the plans are : Medical Expenses, Star Unique Health, Star Wedding Gift, Medi Classic , Diabetes Safe, Family Health Optima, Senior Citizen Red Carpet, Super Surplus, Star Netplus, Star Health Gain, Star Criticare Plus
  • Travel Insurance Plan – this provides comprehensive coverage for hospitalization and other travel related incidents that might happen while on trip. The insurance can be claimed by authorized family member, corporate and students.
  • Accidents Cover – if a policyholder obtained an injury in an accident, the compensation will be given to the concerned individual.

These are the basic insurance services that are given by Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited. One thing that is good about this insurance company, their services can be availed by everybody. No matter what’s the status in life of the policy holder, the company ensures that they will have a worry-free health insurance policy. Until now, the company persists to discover means that will efficiently help their customers obtain the best policy for their health and life insurance.