Health Policy with OPD in India

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Insurance concept is mere 200 years old and relatively younger concept as compare to other financial concepts and now there is hardly any country in the world which does not have insurances of different kinds implemented in the system. Health insurance is a rather newer concept as life insurance was more popular, but with the treatments becoming very expensive health policies are gaining rapid popularity. In fact, nowadays jobs have a health insurance policy included in the salary package. However, mostly the health policies do not provide the coverage of OPD and claims can only be made if the person is admitted in the hospital for a particular treatment.

The fact though remains that most of the times the need of admission is not there so health policies that provide the OPD (Outpatient department) coverage are extremely useful. Although, admission into hospital is an expensive proposition, but OPD is not very cheap either. Consultants and specialists charge very high price for diagnosing and suggesting the treatment. To make sure that these added costs do not ruin your budget having an OPD covered health policy is a real life saver. Obviously, with the expansion in coverage the cost of the policy is also increased, but the family persons can understand that the added cost of premium is nothing as compared to the fee and other charges that need to be paid for consulting the OPD services for kids, wife and parents.

Health Insurance plans with OPD are gaining popularity in the corporate world as well, as employees are offered the policies with OPD coverage. Some companies do not opt for OPD based policy, but they provide a fix amount per annum for OPD separately. There are few other companies that do not take any responsibility of OPD at all. So as an employee, it is important to ask the HR representative about the health insurance availability first of all. If the policy is available, the second question that needs to be asked is, if the health insurance policy covers the OPD or not.

There are many companies in India that are offering their health insurance policies with comprehensive coverage including OPD. You can visit numerous online portals to know more details about each plan. You can get the insurance quotes then and there by mentioning the OPD criteria in health insurance section. There are a few portals available online which can compare the quotes of multiple insurance companies as well.

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