Importance of Travel Insurance for Indians visiting abroad

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Whenever Indians leave their country for long term or short term for purposes like getting education, traveling, treatment etc, they tend to ignore getting the all important travel insurance, unless it is made mandatory by the law of the foreign country. This is not a good strategy as they should take the money they spend on acquiring travel insurance as protection rather than another expense. Travel insurance can protect against any unwanted medical emergency one can face while visiting another country. Having travel insurance becomes even more important, considering the fact that normal health insurance does not accept the claims made by the policy holder if he or she is abroad.

It is not difficult to acquire travel insurance. You can get the travel insurance while you are still in your country and getting the tickets for the trip. Same insurance companies that offer normal insurance plans also offer travel insurance, so you don’t have to try a new one. Travel insurance plans of almost all the companies extend their coverage to non-medical options too, like theft, passport loss, baggage lost etc.

Claim process against any kind of covered claim is very easy and does not require you to do anything special. Some companies give you a card that can be presented to the hospital or any other place of making the claim, whereas, some policies require you to do the expense yourself to file the claim later on. However, keep in mind that if your plan has no coverage or limited coverage against a particular disease or case, then you have to pay all or required amount from your own pocket.

Cost should never be made criteria when it comes to taking a travel insurance policy, although travel insurance is not that expensive if you consider the expenses you have to afford otherwise. You can have the option to have an extendable or some percent refundable travel insurance as well, depending on the duration of the trip or if you are expecting the trip to be longer or shorter than anticipated or planned. Online availability of comparing the quotes has also made life very easy, as now you can check for the competitive plans with reasonable premium just by visiting the different insurance portals.

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