Tips to Check Benefits before Porting Health Insurance Plan

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This mini insurance portability guide will help you to choose your health insurance plans and insurance companies.

What is insurance portability? – Portability shall facilitate customer’s protection against to switching another insurer and consequential loss of pre-existing disease cover. Insurance portability help you get benefits of insurance offered by other insurers without any loss of current benefits you are getting.

When you decide to switch for new insurer, you should check following benefits in insurance:

  1. Health insurance plan offer or promise you to renew the policy till any age.
  2. Health insurance plan should promise not to load of additional premium or renewals in case of claims in the previous year.
  3. Health insurance policy ensures that there are no room rent limits, co-pays and sublimit on treatments.
  4. Health insurance plan should reward you for using shared accommodation on hospitalization.
  5. Insurance plan provide you access to cashless facility a large network of hospitals.
  6. Health Insurance provider has a proven track record for efficient administration of your policy and fast claims settlement.
  7. Plans should offer you the flexibility to increase your coverage as your age increases.
  8. Plan should cover domiciliary treatment in addition to inpatient, pre and post hospitalization coverage.
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