Why do you need Two Wheeler Insurance?

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On the Western side of hemisphere a two wheeler motor cycle might be a way to fulfill the adventurous needs of a person. However, in the eastern side in countries like India, Pakistan, China, two wheeler motorcycles are the basic mode of transportation for many people. In India, affordability is not the only issue as even the people who can afford the cars prefer to travel on motorbikes to avoid getting stuck in the traffic jams. Two wheelers are not as expensive as a four wheeler, but that does not mean losing it for any reason can be ignored and loss to be borne by the owner. By acquiring a two wheeler insurance policy, one can get the compensations for natural calamity or other reasons including, accident, Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide. However, normal detritions and maintenance has to be done by the owner. Meaning, change of plug or oil filter does not qualify for the two wheeler insurance claim.

A good two wheeler insurance policy can compensate the owner for the loss against accidents and thefts, which can happen anytime without any warning. Although, two wheeler insurance is not made mandatory by any Indian state or central government, but even if it is optional, considering its benefits one must go for having one for his or her two wheeler bike or scooter. The cost of the two wheeler insurance policy is very nominal; however, it can be further reduced if the owner opts for installing anti-theft devices like siren and tracker on his or her bike or scooter. Just for the sake of clarification, bicycles are though two wheelers, but are not covered by the two wheeler insurance plans, may be in the future. Third party insurance for two wheelers is mandatory.

If you have taken the two wheeler insurance from a reputable company, then there is no reason that your claim process would take long. The process is very simple, as after the accident you need to take the bike or scooter to the authorized mechanic and based on his estimate, company will compensate you. For theft or robbery cases, a police report is required by the company to start the processing. After confirming that there is no fraudulent activity involved, claim cheque is handed over to the owner. Insurance policy continues after the accident, though some companies charge more for renewal considering the now added risk of accident with owner.

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