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Claim Procedure for Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd.

Procedure for Cashless Treatment

If the Insured suffers Accidental Bodily Injury or is diagnosed with an Illness which gives rise to or may give rise to a claim, or requires a Day Care Procedure, then it is a condition precedent to the Insurer’s liability that the Proposer and/or the Insured shall immediately:

a) Give the Administrator notice of a claim;

b) Expeditiously give or arrange for the Administrator to be provided with any and all information and documentation in respect of the claim and/or the Insurer’s liability for it that may be requested by the Insurer or the Administrator;

c) Obtain the Administrator’s pre-authorization for any medical treatment, which pre-authorization shall, if the Administrator is satisfied as to the validity of the claim, specify:
  • The treatment authorized;
  • The place at which it has been authorized, and
  • Any other conditions applicable to either.
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