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About Insurancepandit.com

Insurance Pandit is India's online Insurance Portal designed to help customers select the Insurance plan that best suits their requirement and at the same time save money on premium by comparing plans offered by more than 14 leading insurance companies in India.

Customer is always first at InsurancePandit and we don't favour any Insurance Company and provide accurate and unbiased information to the customers.
Premium for Insurance plans listed on our website is the same as provided by Insurance companies or insurance agents, brokers or by any other Insurance provider.
We don't charge any commission from customers and our service is completely free. We are paid directly by Insurance Companies. You will never be overcharged. You can shop with confidence at insurancepandit.com.
Insurance Pandit is online venture of A & M Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Registered with IRDA Having License No. 117 since 2003
At Insurance Pandit, we work hard every day to make sure you get the Best Insurance Product at very competitive price in the minimum possible time.


-I was able to select a suitable plan for my family for our trip abroad by just comparing plans on your website and that too without any help. Very useful information!

Arvind Gupta

-Best site for travel insurance . Would certainly recommend to my friends.

Shailendra Pratap
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Board of Directors

A & M is professionally managed company with Mrs Manisha Mahajan as a principal officer leading the business operation. The company board of director comprise of:-

  • Mrs Manisha Mahajan
  • Mr Akhil Mahajan
  • Mr Anil Wadhwa
  • Mr Sumit Wadhwa

Our Team

T - Together E - Everyone A - Achieves M - More

This is the motto, staff at insurancepandit lives by. A good team is essential for the working of any organisation. When the roots of a tree are strong, a tree is able to achieve greater heights, withstanding the toughest of situations. At the core of InsurancePandit, lies a team with vast experience guiding the organisation to greater heights. Come, let’s introduce you to them.

Anil Wadhwa

Anil Wadhwa "Smile through your worries." Behind the ever so cheerful face, lies 27 years of experience in the Insurance Industry. You can call him the wizard of Insurance Industry. He has worked as a divisional manager in The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. and believes in keeping the atmosphere jovial for optimum performance.

Akhil Mahajan

Akhil Mahajan (F.C.A, B.com)"Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached." - Swami Vivekanand Akhil Mahajan has made this quote his guiding principle and lives by it. This guiding principle is reflected in his working as he steers the organisation through everything with integrity and conviction. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Akhil is also the promoter and Director of A&M Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. , Microfincon(P)Ltd. Akhil has a wide experience in numerous fields; Bank Audit/Private Audit/Income Tax Matters, Financial Planning, Loan Syndication, Market Research to name a few.

Manisha Mahajan

Manisha Mahajan (Msc. Chemistry Hons.) "Good, better, best. Never let it rest, till your good is better and better is best." A dynamic lady and a powerful multi-tasker, Manisha displays these qualities in her work. She perseveres and strives to keep the game going. She is an Associate of Insurance Institute of India and has spent a decade in the Insurance industry. She motivates the staff to give its best and maintains good social relations.

Sumit Wadhwa

Sumit Wadhwa Being the youngest director of A&M, Sumit aims to ensure progress for the organization with sheer determination and hard work and take the company to new heights of achievement. Embark the productivity to be praised on its own.

Even though the youngest, he has loads of experience in his bag.
Working at RAI Foundation as a student counselor, he procured business from new avenues, increased level of enquiries by way of mailers and suggested new products that increased sales by 20%.

At FedEx, he managed 250 sales representatives in 10 states and conducted training program for new recruits- speeding profitability.
At Insurance Pandit, he has expanded sales by exploration of new products, attracted more corporate clients and developed excellence in sales training course.
The organization benefits from his rich 10 years of experience.

JL Vohra

JL Vohra "The only source of knowledge is experience." JL Vohra has been a key part of the organization since 2005. He is the General Manager, Marketing and has played a key role in organization’s growth. He is very experienced in Risk Management and Loss Prevention. He has 33 years of experience in the Industry and is the most experienced person on the team. He has worked in various positions, namely Deputy Manager, Relationship Officer( TPA) and Marketing Officer. The organization continues to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

About A & M Insurance

A & M Insurance Brokers Private Limited was incorporated on 16th October 2002, by a group of professionals, with the objective of acting as direct insurance brokers as per the guidelines laid down by the insurance regulatory and development authority (IRDA).
The company is dealing with the retails as well as the corporate clients who demand value priced insurance services of all the insurance companies both Public Sector and Private. As a fast growing business enterprise we have entered the stage of maturity and aim at steady growth and expansion. To accomplish this objective we are attempting to win prestige, recognition and goodwill in the industry in which we are operating. We are regularly plugging back a part of our profits in infrastructure development of the company for attaining optimum size to avail economies of scale.Apart from a set of business objectives relating to profitability, productive efficiency, growth, technological dynamism, stability, competitive strength, market standing, customer service, diversification, employee satisfaction and welfare, adaptability, flexibility and social responsibility, our main aim rests in the client comfort and ease at the time of claim or mishap, speedy compensation being the prime principal of indemnity.
A& M Insurance Brokers Pvt. Limited is dedicated to provide the best and appropriate insurance solutions to our valued clients and with a commitment to form long lasting business relationships.