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Overseas Medical Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance also known as Overseas Medical Travel insurance is a comprehensive Single Trip cover for an Individual going abroad on business or holiday trip. If you are permanently migrating from India, then you can buy insurance for two months and thereafter, get a policy from there. Not only it provide coverage for Trip Cancellation, Loss or delay of Checked in Baggage, Loss of Passport etc. but also covers your medical expenses during your overseas stay.

Some of the Travel Insurance Plans even provides coverage for burglary and/or robbery for your Indian home while you are away for your trip.

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Overseas Travel Insurance Policy Features

Travel Insurance policy available for all ages between 6 months – 70 years and senior citizens between 71 to 85 years. For the age group 3-6 months or above 85 years, travel insurance may be obtained by special approval and at the sole discretion of the insurance company, on case to case basis.

Policy Duration
Cover trips from as short as 1 day to max of 360 days. Most of the Insurance Companies provides coverage for 180 days which can be extended for a further period of 180 days, provided there is no claim, but there are plans available up to 360 Days.

Policy Maximum (Coverage Amount)
Various coverage options are offered in the range of US $ 10,000 to US $ 500,000 depending upon the country you are planning to visit. For plans including and excluding USA & Canada, minimum coverage is US$ 50,000 and maximum coverage available is US$ 500,000 (5 Lakhs). For Asian countries, minimum coverage available is as low as US$ 10,000 and maximum coverage available is US$ 500,000 (5 Lakhs).

Note: Minimum coverage required for Travel insurance for Schengen Visa is € 60,000.

Max Trip per Policy
Only Single trip per policy period is covered.

Pre-existing diseases
Pre-existing ailments and maternity are generally excluded. There are few companies which provide coverage in case of life-threatening situations i.e. until the insured's heath is stable.

Deductible/Policy Excess
There is a Deductible/Policy Excess of 50-100 US$ depending upon the plans. This implies for any claim the first $50-100 are to be borne by the insured

Additional Coverage
Coverage’s include Dental Treatment, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Baggage Loss/Delay, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, etc.

Medical Check-up
Medical check-up may be required depending upon the age of the Individual. Medical check-up are generally required for 60 plus individual. There are plans offered by some companies with no medical check-ups up to 80 years with some limit on per illness or injury.There are certain plans available where if the insured is more than 70 years old but accompanied by another insured whose age is less than 70, no medical tests are required.

Policy can be extended for another 180 Days if there is no claim in the expiring policy.

Plan Premium is based upon your destination, Coverage Amount, Age and duration of Trip.

General Physical Checkup, pre-existing conditions, Vision (Eye Test, Eye Glasses, and Contact Lens), Pregnancy and Prenatal Care is not covered by any of the Plan. Besides these, there could be other exclusions which are mentioned in the policy wordings.

In order to make a claim, you need to contact the Insurer or Third Party Administrator (TPA) of the Insurance Company, which has tie-ups with network hospitals worldwide. TPA information is provided in the Insurance policy.

Calculate Premium for Travel Insurance IndiaCalculate Premium Compare Plans Get Quote Travel FAQ Travel Coverage