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Travel/Trip Delay

Even at the last minute, your vacation plans may go awry due to an unforeseen strike or inclement weather, delaying your trip and keeping you from getting somewhere important, whether a special family event, a vacation, or a business meeting. Such an incident proves not only stressful, but also expensive, since you have to bear additional expenses for accommodation, food, and medicines.

A trip delay insurance will provide you reimbursement for additional transportation costs or additional expenses for meals and lodging should your flight be delayed by inclement weather or other covered reasons.

Trip Delay Coverage provides reimbursement for additional expenses if your flight is delayed, such as an extra night in a hotel or a meal at a restaurant.

This coverage reimburses a traveler for reasonable expenses (up to the policy limit) for meals, accommodations, and transportation when the insured is delayed more than a certain number of hours during the trip, depending on the plan. Travel insurance plans define a maximum limit on reimbursement due to travel delays.

Some of the commonly covered reasons for travel delays include:

  • Delays due to common carrier problems, including inclement weather.
  • Delays due to unannounced strikes.
  • Delays due to natural disasters.
  • Delays due to civil disorder, riots or unrest.
  • Delays due to terrorism.