Best Health Insurance Plan

There are various factors that you may consider to decide which the best health insurance plan is for you.

1. Premiums: Premium may be less in case of a family floater plan as compared to a family policy with individual sum insured for each family member. Different plans from the same insurer may vary in premium depending on the benefits/coverage offered. Some insurers like star health and Apollo Munich have variation in premium based on the city of residence

2. Coverage/benefits: There are several health insurance plans available with a host of benefits to choose from. Apart from the basic health cover, there are additional benefits such as critical illness cover, personal accident cover etc available on payment of extra premium.

3. Access to doctors, hospitals, and other providers: The insurer and/or TPA have a list of network hospitals which can be referred to have an idea of the hospitals/nursing homes where cashless treatment can be opted for.

4. Out-of-pocket costs (coinsurance, copays, and deductibles): You should be aware of co pays, room rent limits, deductibles etc in the health insurance plan you are opting for.

5. Exclusions and limitations: Be well informed with respect to exclusions, waiting periods for specific diseases/health conditions.

Make sure you understand how your plan works. Don't wait until you need emergency care to ask questions.

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