Health Insurance Policy for an Individual

Policy that covers the medical expenses of an Individual


  • The insured needs to be between 3 Months - 76 years of age for new Policy and renewal is lifetime.
  • Age is calculated as on the date the policy is issued ( It will be age completed on last birthday)


  • You Can Buy Health Insurance & get tax benefit on the premium paid under section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  • You can opt for health insurance even after the age of 60
  • You can increase the sum insured only at the time of renewal of the insurance policy, subject to company approval.
  • You can get reimbursement for pre- and post-hospitalization medical expenses incurred towards the ailment/ disease for which hospitalization was medically necessary prior to hospitalization and after discharge.
  • Pre-existing disease means a disease or a condition existing in a person before the acceptance of the risk by Insurance Company. The insured or a person buying the policy may or may not be aware of these conditions.
  • A waiting period is the length of time the insured may have to wait before being eligible for Health Policy benefits.
  • You get up to 10% cumulative bonus for every claim-free year accumulating up to 50% in some policies.
  • You can save up to 25 percent by comparing plans offered by different companies

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