Common Coverage In Health Insurance

Though the benefits may vary from insurer to insurer, some basic features are:

1. In-Patient Hospitalization due to illness/disease/ surgery/accident.

Covers the medical expenses for hospitalization of more than 24 hrs. Some health insurance plans have limits on room rent , ICU expenses etc while others have no such limit.

2. Domiciliary Hospitalization expenses

The treatment expenses involved in getting a treatment done at home which otherwise would need hospitalization.

3. Pre-hospitalization expenses

The medical expenses incurred due to illness during specified number of days immediately before hospitalization.

4. Post-hospitalization expenses

The medical expenses incurred due to illness during specified number of days immediately after being discharged from hospital.

5. Ambulance Charges

Expenses incurred if ambulance service is used on the way to hospital for hospitalization, generally limited to the amount specified in the policy document. Some plans offer expenses for emergency air ambulance service too.

6. Cashless Access

Generally, a pre-authorization is required for all planned admissions at least 48 hours prior to actual admission or one needs to regularize any emergency admission within 24 hours post the admission.

7. Income Tax Benefit

The insured can avail tax benefits for the premium amount under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

8. Day-Care Procedures

The medical expenses for specified day-care procedures, which do not require 24 hours hospitalization due to technological advancement, are covered.

9. Health Check-up

A comprehensive health check-up involving a number of medical tests only once at the end of a block of specified number (usually four) of continuous claim free policy years. Apart from these, many health insurance plans offer benefits like daily hospitalization allowance, restore, AYUSH(Ayurvedic, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy), daily cash for shared accommodation, Critical illness rider, e opinion and many more.

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