Finding The Right Health Insurance

Health insurance is a long term plan as you may need it in the long run and should be taken after considering many factors like:

1. First and second year exclusions: Some diseases and procedures are covered after a waiting period of 1/2/4 years.

2.Daycare treatment/procedures covered.

3. Preexisting coverage: Some insurers cover Pre existing health conditions after 1year, others after 2, 3 or 4 years.

4. Sub limits, if any: There may be a limit on room rent, ICU charges, certain specified surgeries like Cataract etc.

5.Co pay or Deductible.

6.Per illness limit, if any.

7. Diabetes and hypertension loading.

8. Your next renewal premium as you choose plan with low premium for the age you are entering but your next premium may be higher and it is a very important factor to be taken into consideration.

9. Cashless facility in the nearby hospitals.

10. Add on covers like additional sum insured for critical illness, personal accident, opd coverage.

11. Top up covers are available and you can opt for a health insurance policy with low sum insured and then top it up; it will be cheaper as compared to choosing a higher sum insured straight away.

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