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Loss of Checked Baggage Insurance

Covers total and complete loss of baggage checked in by an international airline.

Loss of Checked Baggage coverage provides reimbursement for luggage as well as for any items in your baggage that are lost or stolen while you're traveling. Baggage and personal effects coverage is typically secondary coverage, which means that it will act to supplement any reimbursements offered by a common carrier (such as an airline that loses your bags).

Coverage and conditions of coverage:

  • Compensation for market value of the checked-in baggage in case of total and complete loss of such checked-in baggage caused by a common carrier up to the limits specified in the Policy. Maximum amount payable per checked-in baggage, in case more than one bag has been checked-in, is 50% of the applicable sum insured. In case of only one bag being checked-in, the amount payable is 100% of the applicable sum insured. Here, 'market value' refers to the sum required to purchase new items of the same kind and quality (which are lost) less an amount representing wear and tear, usage etc., at the time of loss.
  • If any payment is made under this benefit, then any recovery from any common carrier by the Insured Person, under the terms of the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, 1929 ("Warsaw Convention") shall become the property of the Company.
  • The amount payable in respect of any one article, pair or set is limited to the amount as specified in the Policy Schedule, usually 10% of the applicable sum insured.
  • No partial loss or damage is payable. However, total loss or damage of individual unit(s) of baggage shall not be construed as falling within this Special Condition.
  • If claims are submitted for total loss of checked-in baggage as well as temporary delay of checked-in baggage, the higher claim is payable by the Company in respect of the same item/s of checked-in baggage.


  • Valuables and money, all kinds of securities and tickets/passes or any other item not declared to, and agreed to by the Insurer.
  • Loss of property unless a Property Irregularity Report or other report usually issued by common carriers in the event of loss of checked-in baggage has been procured and submitted.
  • Any partial loss of the items contained within the checked-in baggage.
  • Items contained within the checked-in baggage, which are valued in excess of US$ 100 without appropriate proof of ownership.
  • Losses arising from any delay, detention, confiscation by the customs officials or other public authorities.
  • Any checked-in baggage loss in the Republic of India.
  • Any exclusion mentioned in the 'General Exclusions' section of the Policy.