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Passport Loss Insurance

Covers reasonable and necessary expenses to obtain a duplicate passport or valid travel documents.


  • This benefit ensures compensation up to the amount specified in the policy for reasonable expenses for getting a duplicate passport in case it is lost or stolen on your trip abroad.


  • Due to delay or confiscation or detention by the customs, police or public authorities.
  • Due to theft unless it is reported to the police within 24 hours of the Insured/ Insured Person becoming aware of the theft and a written police report being obtained in that regard.
  • Due to its being left unattended or forgotten by the insured/ insured person in a public place or in a public transport.
  • Loss or theft of the passport from a private place or from a private vehicle, unless it was located in a locked hotel room, apartment or locked vehicle, and forcible and violent entry was used to gain access to it.
  • Any exclusion mentioned in the "General Exclusions" section of this Policy.